Learn to facilitate Design Sprints: how to define challenges together with clients and moving from ideas to tested prototypes in five days.

About this Event

Join this two-day course where you’ll learn the requirements to plan and execute your own Design Sprints in 2020.

Design Sprints are adopted globally by companies as tool for innovation and problem-solving, becoming one of the most appreciated business process around.

Why should you care about learning this methodology?

  • Perhaps you want to build better products faster, maybe you are struggling to get team alignment…
  • Or you wish to get ahead of your competition by empathizing and understanding your customers.
  • Perhaps you are looking for new ways to create new business or revenue models..
  • Or maybe you not sure how to create and test a new feature.

If you have one of these issues/goals, this will definitely give your team a cutting edge tool.

This workshop is meant to be for managers, executives, startup founders, engineers, marketers, entrepreneurs.

Embrace digital transformation – DRIVE INNOVATION – DO NOT LET YOURSELF BEEN DRIVEN.

Friday, 31 Jan 2020
 Saturday, 1 Feb 2020

09:30 – 17:00

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Event Fees

EUR 800.00